I hold Painting days so that people who may never have painted before can come along and paint a picture themselves.  I arrange Painting Days on a regular basis - but if no dates are listed then please do contact me as it may be that I have not added the date.  I also arrange dates that are convenient to you or for one to one classes, dates are listed next to the picture on the Gallery page.  Below are some pictures  from  painting days, most people are amazed at the end results.  I hope you agree the end paintings are brilliant and all different. No experience is needed so I will see you soon. 



Mother and daughter painting duo.

Amanda and Debbie, watercolour workshop.


David, Ralph and Sue Painting the Lighthouse, oil on canvas.


Sue and Ralph painting the waterfall.  Beautiful paintings.

 Sue and Tracy came along, both first time painters in oil, they wanted to try a local scene, so here they are with their Wrekin, individual beautiful pictures.  

Ralphs first Painting day


 A lovely couple and Dad and Daughter completed beautiful paintings of their own. 

Nine lovely painters for Pam's Birthday Party, what a lovely happy group of painters, I had a great time too.

and we have David and granddaughter Charlotte who managed to fit 2 paintings in during the October half term, I think the baby Seal's are absolutely stunning, hope you like them too..  Well done David and Charlotte..


Some or the varied recent workshops, the lovely paintings produced, positive joy..


David and Charlotte back for their second workshop, and what stunning pictures they produced.. so proud of their achievements.

For the first time I had two Artists to paint the Lion on Saturday, I'm so glad that someone was finally brave enough to give it an attempt, Granddad David with his lovely Granddaughter Charlotte. Here are the pictures, and they did a brilliant job.

The First Thursday evening Painting class for 'Joy, and they did a brilliant job, this is a 2 1/2 hour class, so they were really moving the paint around, and here are Helen and Meg.

I had four lovely Painters for a small version of Winter Peach, this is the first time this has been painted on a smaller canvas, so we decided to leave out the additional foreground tree to keep the picture open and make it look larger.


Just one of the classes from The Big Art Show

Bobby who came along to the Taster Sessions at the Greenwood Centre, this is his first ever attempt at a painting in watercolour using lots of techniques to create his picture, great results young man..

I seem to have missed a few, but here Is Graydon, Dee and Beryl who were brave enough to come along and paint the first of the Wildlife evening workshops, they painted the Giraffe, I think they have all now given their Giraffe a name too.  It was a great evening and beautiful pictures all very different and individual.. Good Job Shrewsbury Morris Dancers who are now Artists too.

Saturday was a Ladies Day, 5 painters coming along to paint Happy Hibiscus and they did a brilliant job..

This afternoon Jamie, Sam & Nick returned to have a go at Northern lights, now this is normally a bigger picture and only done by adults in the past, because it was a shorter workshop we used smaller canvases and had foothills rather than moutains, but they did a brilliant job and here is the end result.. You can see more pictures by visiting the Blog..

Another group of lovely young people today, this morning Maisie, Phebe and Ani came along, two for painting a picture and one for the Moon & sun wall plaque, it was an interesting change, with pots of paint passing back and forth.  Three lovely pieces of work completed and very happy painters.

A first for the flower garden today, both young boys were painting this one as a present for Mom's birthday as she loved the picture when she booked the class for them, so here are the proud painters..

Two young Ladies today, only 7 years old who wanted to paint 3D roses, not such an easy one, but they did a brilliant Job and were very excited with the end paintings.. I think they will be coming along again in the future for other paintings.. see you soon Girls..

Two lovely children booked a painting class, The Happy Day's (cow) and Kids in Space, with a rocket, well done both for adding your own touches.. pleased as punch with their pictures and lovely young artists of the future.

Chris has been trying to get along to paint since I moved to Fusion, Yesterday she made it at last, bringing along a friend to Paint Waterfall in the Woods, they had no idea how it was going to turn out, but trusting and following instructions, with a bit of artistic licence they both have beautiful paintings to hang at home.  See you again in the not too distant future, they have already got their eye on the next one..
Today was a pre-booked workshop Painting Kid's in Space, Jamie, Sam and Nick came came along to the studio for an afternoon painting class, I don't think they believed they could do it, but here is the proof, 3 fantastic paintings, well done boys, hope your very proud of your achievements.

This young lady had a go, Cerys made up her own design based on childrens paintings available.

The Lovely Oakley Girls, 4 very excited Girls who are visiting the Grandparents and had the workshop as a surprise, they were very creative and all had different colours they wanted for their owls. Here they are with the finished paintings.  Well done Girls, see you in October.

Children's Paintings

Martha, Sue and Carole painted Winter Peach but they varied their colours, and added or left bits out to make the painting their own, three lovely paintings all very different.

Maria & Katrina had a mother and daughter painting day and created two beautiful paintings, totally individual to them.

Becky's Painting Day - this was a gift to Becky from her other half, she has never used oils before, or indeed the large brushes, she chose to paint Winter Moon, this has lovely cloud arrangements and reflections.  Well Done Becky, hope you hang it with pride. I think she may be back to do another painting soon.. Fantstic first ever oil painting.

Debbies Birthday Bash - This was a special family painting day, amidst moving house, unpacking and all that goes with it, the four family members came along to a Painting Day.  Originally they were going to paint A Trace of Spring, but once in the studio decided they liked Ripples, so with a few changes here are the finished paintings, you can find the step by step on the Blog.  Four different but equally lovely paintings, Well done everyone, hope the new home provides a lovely background for your paintings.

6th April Carole had chosen a painting that she liked, but wanted to make some changes, so the cabin was left out, together with the larger trees in the foreground giving a lovely soft a very open feel to her painting.  Although its a snow scene, there are plenty of colours to give it warmth and a lovely calm feeling, don't you just want to walk through that snow. This was Carole's first painting with me and she did a brilliant job.

Ghislaine & Richard Paint Northern Lights 6th March.

Workshop 22nd February, Darren, Fran & Linda who Painted Waterfall in the Woods

Workshop 21st February, Bev & Pat who painted with me last year came back for another painting day, how great are these.

Workshop 20th February, A Trace of Spring with Katherine and Ayumi, both have done some painting before but this is their first workshop with me, and look how wonderful their paintings came out. Well Done Girls.

Workshop 18th January Elemental Arts, Fusion, Jackfield, Golden Morning Mists, Maureen, Rebecca, Donna, Karen, these were all first time painters in Oils and have never done a workshop with me before, Maureen and Donna have done a little watercolour painting, but nothing recently, so it was all new to everyone, we got started, I think there were a few doubtful moments, but they followed instructions, and despite the odd 'Ops' & 'O', which was just an expression of momentary doubt, they turned out beautiful paintings, which I have no doubt will bring smiles to their faces for a long time to come.  A smashing day spent doing what I love, what more could I ask for.. For step by step of the day please visit the Blog a link is on the home page.

Maureen & Rebecca

Karen & Donna

Workshop 30th November, Hereford, this was a workshop where I travelled to them, there were 6 painters, but unfortunately 1 was poorly, ops, you missed a treat, see you next time.  Daisy's Delight was the painting of choice, and they are stunning, everyone different with lots of feeling and colour, lots of entertainment, especially for me.. Thank you folks, see you all again for your next masterpiece..

the end result - stunning.  Full details are on the blog to help you paint again.

Workshop 10th November, Darren and Mom Fran, this was her 70th Birthday present, Fran has been painting for a while in watercolours, but never tried anything this demanding, Darren has done a few with me, and I  can see how much he is progressing, lovely painting, not the easiest to do, but look how lovely they turned out Well done, and Happy Birthday to the moms this weekend...

Workshop 9th November, Ripples Pastel, Elaine had booked this as a birthday treat for her mom, Beryl who has never painted anything except the walls before, they did a fantastic job - there are more images on the Blog with some step by step information.

Workshop 6th November - Northern Lights Dark with Kathryn & Cher who liked the lake aspect so wanted to keep as much water visable as possible, lovely paintings very individual to them.

Workshop of 22nd September, Lovely Northern Lights with Liz & Linda, they have never attempted this type of painting before or worked in oils with large brushes or knife,  so there was a good learning curve, and here are the two lovely paintings produced by them in the workshop, there are more detailed photo's and information on painting this one on the Blog, you can link in from the Home Page.. one thing I love about painting days is the sense of achievement another is how many lovely people I meet along the way.. Well done you two, lovely paintings and please feel free to practice and put your paintings in the exhibition..

Tuesdays painter, just about to start GCSE's and getting ahead in Art.

Monday 26/08 Anne-Marie came along having booked to paint Ripples, she has no experience of painting and was a little nervous about it but wanted to try her hand, the pictures below show how well she did, Anne-Marie left with a lovely painting and is now keen on buying herself some paints and continuing to practice.  Well done, and thank you for the compliment of trusting me to help you paint your picture.
Today's arty children all did poppies - so here are some of the photo's from today, Abbey, Amy & Joe who all produced lovely paintings and individual to them.  Nice work folks, keep up the practise. Sophie who wanted to paint but was not quite upto a class but had a nice time too.
Saturdays workshop was Tranquil Dawn - and two very lovely paintings were produced by the end of the day, Rob has never painted with me before, Angie has now done 3 landscapes and 1 seascape in oils and one painting in Acrylics.. I must be ok becasue she keeps coming back for another one - she will be moving to a larger house soon just to keep up wall space for the paintings. How fantastic are these!!

Today's Painter's were Miriam and Rachel, both very keen but nervous painters, but with a few tips and a step by step approach they both produced nice sketches to work from and then painted their Sunflowers.  Lovely pictures girls - there are a few more on the Blog if you would like to see and also a step by step guide to painting them again on your own.  Well done and thank you for Painting with me..

                    Holly Painting the sunflower at Footprints Gallery 12th August, a lovely young lady who is taking GCSE Art this next year and will do wonderfully well in the subject.  I think she may just be back for a more advanced painting in due course..  Grandmother too I would not be surprised..

Another lovely example of a painting from the workshops at Footprints Gallery, the painter was a little too shy but happy with his work.. well done.
Sunday 30th June - Seascape - Well today Darren was booked with his mom on a seascape, unfortunately she was unable to come along due to a poorly pet, Angie was also booked in, this was her first seascape painting.  Below are some of the photo's from the workshop, there are additional pictures and information on the Blog (link on home page)  they both had lovely paintings to take home, I am sure that they will be back for another painting day, in fact Angie has booked herself onto the Boat on the Beach on 20th July, not long then, she obviously likes the seascapes..


Wednesday 19th June - Ebony's birthday painting party, Only Emily could come along tonight, but they were very grown up, using easels and artists acrylic to paint with.  We started with a rough sketch on the canvas, then the wash and sponge painting the background, next was the tricky stuff, they did brilliantly - and two beautiful paintings taken home to hang.
   Budding artists of the future??? lovely work Young Ladies and so much concentration - I bet their teachers would be surprised!!

Saturday 15th June, Steve and Karen have both painted before but this was their first time with me, they painted Frozen Solitude, not the easiest one, and they were very brave and went for the two mountain ranges, both managed the whole painting in record time despite telling me there were lots of things 'they could'nt do', can't see any bits in there that they 'did'nt do'.. lovely day and brilliant paintings at the end.  Well done..

 Two very beautiful paintings!!

A One to one workshop with Darren, this was his first time painting with oils and super large brushes, Darren has been watching Bob Ross on tv and wanted to have a go.  Darren is used to working with Acrylic and sketching, so has already over come many problems beginners face when settling down to work.. His painting reflects this experience and is brilliant, Darren really wanted to have a go at using the knife and making mountains, so yes we decided to add some background mountains to the picture..  Well done Darren... look forward to painting the big wave with you later..

 A truely stunning painting.. till his next one!!!

Workshop 27/04/2013 - Winter Moon - this was smaller than normal, Ann & Deon who worked very hard and produced two lovely but very individual paintings by the end of the day - as always we started with a bit of a practice and the same colours on the palatte and ended with two  very different pictures.. Well done both of you, and look forward to your next painting day..
Side by side you can see how very different they were in tone and colour.. Congratulations..
Workshop 15th February - this was a present from Pat to her school friend Bev - they had exactly the same colour palatte - but have two beautiful and individual paintings -  with their own distinct styles - they have never painted in oils and were both surprised and pleased with the end result - I was rather impressed myself!!! Well done ladies..
Two lovely paintings completed..

Workshop 08.12.12 - a lovely mix of colours in these paintings all originals and as you see individual to the artist - a lovely day with fantastic results for everyone - a special hello to Wendy on her first painting day and Steve also his first painting since very young days..

  Start to finish - as you see all very different to each other, a lovely day spent with great people doing something I love with fantastic end results - who could ask for more... If you would like to join me for a painting day - the pictures and dates are listed on the Paint Your Own gallery page - lease leave a comment and have a look at the blog as there are more photos there.



All Looking Justifiably Proud of thier creations... So come along and create your own. Everything is supplied, the Paints, Brushes, Canvas and instructions in step by step follow me.